Neemtech Environmental Consultants in Dubai, Jebel Ali, Abu Dhabi provides Remediation, Energy, Asset & Waste management, Fire Safety, HAZID, HAZOP, GHG, Emissions Inventory, Air Quality and Sustainability service. We’re your one stop environmental consultants since 1997 – 2020, with 26 yrs of experience and over 476 clients!

Your one stop Environmental Consultants with EHS EIS HSE Solutions - NEEMTECH - نحن وجائزة قفة واحدة فوزك استشارات البيئية، مع حلول EHS EIS HSE - NEEMTECH مع شركائنا في 476 مشاريع (العملاء) خدم في EIA HIA RIA تدريب الصحة والسلامة والبيئة

Neemtech Environmental Consultants based in Dubai, provides Remediation, Asset & Waste management, Fire Safety, HAZID, HAZOP, GHG, Emissions Inventory, Air Quality and Sustainability service. We're your one stop energy & environmental consultants since 1997 - 2020, with 26 yrs of experience and over 476 clients! 우리는 당신의 원 스톱 수상 EHS EIS HSE 솔루션으로, 환경 컨설턴트를 이기고있어 - NEEMTECH 우리의 476 프로젝트 (고객) EIA HIA RIA 교육 보건 안전 및 환경에 제공

Neemtech هي الشركة الرائدة في مجال الطاقة والاستدامة البيئية، ونحن واحدة الاستشاريين البيئية محطتك

With over 476 clients and winning the Middle East 2008 – 2009 energy award, Engineering Awards 2011, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020 NEEMTECH has established itself as a top expert and a leading environmental firm. Our resources & solutions span geographic boundaries, technical and scientific disciplines to provide clients with the best responsive team in the following areas. Our approach to Indoor air quality (IAQ, OAQ) permitting, reporting, survey’s, studies and compliance has evolved over many years of experience across a wide variety of industries.

NEEMTECH services offers end-to-end comprehensive management consulting that’s cutting-edge expertise in middle eastern regional modeling, exposure analysis, thermo or dense gas pigging, optical remote sensing, combustion science, pollution and emissions factor studies. NEEMTECH air quality professionals collaborate with our clients to develop custom reports that offer world-class air pathway air quality risk assessment. This broad and deep SME experience and expertise position us to provide expert services in various Environmental segments (Waste, Hazard, Materials Management).

NEEMTECH is working on cutting edge integration of IOT (Internet Of Things) in the Environmental and Energy industries of the Middle East.

تعمل شركة NEEMTECH على تحقيق التكامل المتطور ل IOT (إنترنت الأشياء) في صناعات البيئة والطاقة في الشرق الأوسط.

NEEMTECH Dubai Environmental Consultants, Consulting EIA RIA LEED Air Quality HAZID HAZOP Asset Management Energy Safety Fire Management Training Pollution Studies Waste Water Management Effluent Management.

الصحة والسلامة والبيئة NEEMTECH استشارات في دبي

EHS Environment Health Safety

NEEMTECH is a Health, Safety and Environmental Consultancy. NEEMTECH is an established an innovative EHS provider, providing solutions to the Dubai (UAE) industries in compliance with local and regional government regulatory authorities. Our EHS EIS HSE SME’s and expert teams specialize in Environmental Impact Assessments, Safety Audits & Risk Assessments, Security Risk Assessments and Audits, Sustainability and Green Building Design, Green Building Certification and Facilitation, Energy Management and Building Commissioning.
EIA, RIA, HAZOP, HAZID, Waste Water, Water Conservation.
Indoor Air Quality
Asset Management 자산 추적 및 관리 تتبع الأصول وإدارة
Energy, Smart Grid, Smart Metering & Utilities
Environmental Engineering
Site Survey
GIS deployments
Commissioning, Decommissioning
Nuclear Materials Management, Safety & Security
Critical Infrastructure, Continuation Plans & Disaster Recovery
Charge Point Infrastructure
Inventory Tracking Optimization 재고 추적 최적화 جرد تتبع الأمثل

نظام الإدارة البيئية (EMS) هي مجموعة من العمليات والأدوات والممارسات التي تدعم NEEMTECH لتمكين المؤسسة زيادة كفاءتها التشغيلية والانتاجية في حين خفض أيضا آثاره البيئية – الاتصال NEEMTECH.

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a set of processes, tools and practices that NEEMTECH supports to enable your organization increase its operating efficiency and productiveness while also reducing its environmental impacts – contact NEEMTECH.

COMPLIANCE Management (FEWA, DEWA etc)
INCIDENT Management

环境管理体系(EMS)是一组NEEMTECH支持帮助您的组织提高其运营效率和生产力,同时也降低了对环境的影响流程,工具和实践 – 联系NEEMTECH。

الصحة والسلامة والبيئة NEEMTECH استشارات في دبي

Operations Construction Remediation

مع 450 عملاء، ونحن خبراء في تقييم الأثر البيئي، RIA، HIA السلامة HAZID دراسات HAZOP والتقارير، وتوفير الخدمات الاستشارية التي تركز على صناعة الشاملة التي تقدم لعملائنا أهداف العمل الاستراتيجية. ومن المسلم NEEMETCH لتقديم المعرفة وحلول التصميم المبتكرة والخبرات المتكاملة في مجالات الممارسة الأولية الهندسة المدنية، والهندسة البيئية والعلوم، والعلوم البيئية، وإدارة النفايات والموارد المائية Progressively NEEMTECH has developed innovative Air Quality Studies, Green energy with Solar Power, Sludge Waste Management Remediation Solutions.

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Remediation, Process Experience
specializes in process engineering services & products in energy, environment, health & safety, waste management and risk assessment .

Neemtech is a dedicated and highly committed firm that aggregates 37 yrs of field experience, having catered to our customers & governments (e.g. U.S, Dubai Municipality, Bahrain, Qatar and India), large scale companies (e.g. DUGAS, ENOC, DUBAL, DEWA, Jebel Ali Companies) and many mid to small scale companies.

The history of clients and projects sets us apart from our competition. We deliver innovation that involves custom process with our deep industry experience.

Neemtech has delivered complex projects involving multiple global firms from Holland, UK, Italy, Spain, Canada, USA, Qatar, Germany and England.

We are passionate about engineering and the environment; and we cater to a wide array of solutions in this field.
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Conservation, Permitting, Sustainability

Our difference is innovative solutions derived from a multitude of projects, and years of proven field experience, not found easily in the industry. With our experience, we take the time to understand your goals, and do it right the first time.

لدينا الفرق هو الحلول المبتكرة المستمدة من عدد وافر من المشاريع، وسنوات من الخبرة الميدانية أثبتت، وليس من السهل العثور عليها في هذه الصناعة. مع تجربتنا، ونحن نأخذ الوقت الكافي لفهم أهدافك، وتفعل ذلك الحق في المرة الأولى.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Green Building Assessments
Air Quality Management, Urban Air Toxic
Emission Inventory and Modeling
Quantitative Risk Assessment
Fire Protection and Fire Fighting
Modern Package & Compact Sewage Treatment Plants
Desalination/RO Plants
Operation and Maintenance of Wastewater treatment Plants & STPs

HSE studies and Environmental Consultancy, Safety Audits, Waste Audits
Pollution Control Systems
Stack Emission, Dust & VOC emissions, and Noise Monitoring
Testing & Certification of Pressure Vessel, Equipment
Energy Saving Systems & Vapor recovery systems
Refinery Production trouble shooting and efficiency
Turnkey Jobs & Project Management
Indoor air quality and outdoor air quality
Emission Inventory
Work study
Fugitive emissions monitoring

الصحة والسلامة والبيئة NEEMTECH استشارات في دبي

EIA HIA RIA Waste Management

We’re experts in EIA, RIA, HIA Safety HAZID HAZOP Studies and Reports, providing comprehensive industry-focused consulting services that advance our clients strategic business objectives. NEEMETCH is recognized for delivering knowledge, innovative design solutions and integrated expertise in the primary practice areas of civil engineering, environmental engineering and sciences, ecological sciences, waste management and water resources

Environment Air Quality
NEEMTECH’s Sustainability & Environmental Solutions include:

Energy efficiency and conservation strategy (EECS) development
Training Pigging, Dense Gas
Introduction to Environmental Health
Air Pollution and Human Health
The Economics of Health Care
Regression Methods for Population Health
International Health and Global Society
Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventories
RIA, EIA Studies
Dense Gas Pigging
Carbon offset and sequestration studies
Green buildings, developments and planning
Economic analyses
Environmental markets / carbon markets
Conservation and recycling
Waste reduction and resource management
Renewable energy projects NEEMTECH
Grant applications and management
Web-based and GIS-based monitoring and reporting
Public education and staff seminars

NEEMTECH staff provides a full range of environmental management system (EMS) and Environmental Management Systems and ISO 14000ISO 14001 services to minimize risk and liability or reduce cost and improve efficiency. Not only does ISO 14001 give you a competitive edge in the global marketplace, but your company may realize cost savings through pollution prevention, improved regulatory compliance and a reduction in environmental liability. NEEMTECH offers a full range of EMS and ISO 14001 services.

EMS development
Auditing and registration
Integration with existing systems
System maintenance (EMS or SCADA)